Real life stories of homeless people

People can become homeless for many reasons. We would like to say thanks to the clients who have shared their experiences with us, and talked about their hopes for their recovery and the future

In 2011 our Oral History project Street Stories gathered the stories of 41 residents. Listen to some of their stories and watch a short video by clients who conducted the oral history interviews (please be aware - some of the interviews contain strong language).

You can also watch some of our clients and staff talking about our work.

  • Alan's Story
    After his relationship fell apart and he started to drink heavily Alan had a breakdown. He found himself sleeping rough but found help at the charity.
  • David's story
    David became homeless after his trusting and good nature led to him falling into debt. At St Mungo's Broadway he is taking big steps forward and has been involved in the Recovery College.
  • Esther's Story
    When Esther's application to renew her visa was rejected she lost her job and her home. It wasn't safe for her to return to her home area in Kenya and she was left with nowhere to stay.
  • Josef's Story
    Josef's life fell apart after his partner of 36 years passed away and he eventually found himself with nowhere to sleep but the streets. Living in a St Mungo's Broadway project has allowed Josef to rebuild his life and reconnect with his family.
  • Iria's story
    After developing a drug problem which eventually led her to becoming homeless, Iria has managed to turn her life around and is now taking part in a food apprenticeship training programme
  • Maxine's story
    Maxine, 44, is from London: "It's very hard for a woman to ask for support. To say to a keyworker or probation officer, I've got a drug problem, can you help me? They think, if I share my truth, they are going to come and take my kids off me. So a lot of women don't say. They're scared."
  • Shawn's story
    Shawn is an apprentice project worker at St Mungo’s Broadway. He started his apprenticeship in October 2012
  • Michael's story
    Michael had worked in television for many years when a sudden change in his personal circumstances, and ill health, led him to becoming homeless. He is now happier and enjoying his time at St Mungo's Broadway.
  • Leroy's story
    Leroy was two and a half when he was taken into care. “My mum was 17 when she had me but there was domestic violence, she was in a bad relationship so I was taken from her and moved in with foster parents.”
  • Tomasz's story
    "Worry over the job had affected my health as well. They say you're only one wage slip away from homelessness and it's true."