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About our clients

Every year we survey our clients to produce an overview of their backgrounds, issues and needs. We do this to help us identify trends, such as rising or decreasing levels of substance use or mental health problems, and to compare how these change over time. More importantly, this helps us to plan and tailor our services directly to our client group.

Results from our 2013 survey:

  • 73% * of clients are men, 27% of clients are women
  • 71% are between 25 and 54 years old, 13% are under 25 and 16% are over 55
  • 52% of clients have issues with substance use (drugs and/or alcohol)
  • 67% have a physical health condition (medical condition, vision impaired and/or required regular medication)
  • 60% of clients have mental health issues (diagnosed, suspected, depression and/or self harming)
  •  One third of our clients don't have the necessary literacy skills to complete a form without help
  • 49% have slept rough
  • 9% have been in care
  • 3% have a UK ex-forces background
  • 45% of clients are ex-offenders or have been in prison

Find out more about homelessness by reading our facts about homelessness pages.

How we help

  • Housing - we provide accommodation for around 2,000 people in a mix of housing projects from emergency hostels to supported housing to semi-independent homes for people with complex needs. One innovative new project is The Lodge.
  • Health - we supported thousands of clients last year with their mental health and substance use needs. Our LifeWorks A4 4pp April 2011 briefing explains about one ground-breaking psychotherapy service, while we've also highlighted the importance of improving hospital discharge procedures.
  • Work - our Skills and Employment team support people in finding employment, training, further education volunteering and in taking up a range of other activities.

Broader statistics


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Trends and predictions

St Mungo's Broadway is deeply concerned about the worrying trend of rough sleeping numbers rising.

* statistics taken from St Mungo's Client Needs Survey 2013, prior to St Mungo's and Broadway merging