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Give where it counts - alternative gifts that change lives

St Mungo's Broadway online shop offers a range of unique presents for your loved ones. The gifts illustrate some of the different ways that St Mungo's Broadway supports homeless men and women 365 days a year. By giving where it counts, you can help change a homeless person's life for good.

Our most popular virtual gift from last year is shown below and there's plenty more to choose from: St Mungo's Broadway online shop

Help us give a dog a home - £10give a dog a home

St Mungo's Broadway recognises the loyal companionship that dogs can offer to vulnerable people living on the streets. We are very proud to have been welcoming dogs into our hostels for 18 years. You could help us support a homeless person (and their dog) as they recover from the traumas of homelessness. Help us give a dog a home.